We did just receive a new shipment with quite a few new items!   We need to sort things out and make sure everything fits correctly and then get them listed as quickly as we can.  

Walking Dead Jumbo Steelbook protectors now listed!   These could fit many other jumbo Steelbooks or Blu-Ray sets and even some video game special editions so check the size listed to make sure.

 FUNKO POP! 4" HEAVY DUTY protectors are now available!   These were made with 20mil .50mm PET plastic!   The thickest thing we had done to this point was in 16mil!   There really is not much need for paying $7+ for Stacks when you have these available.   Try one out and see if you don't agree!    Check out the pictures!   

NES CLASSIC Mini Console Box Protectors are now listed!   Type Classic in the search and it will pop up or check out the new console box category on the front page.

Funko Hikari  Larger size for Captain America and Stitch Hikaris are now available.    Possibly fits others!  Check your size and let us know if you know of some others that are the same size please!  

Kid Icarus Uprising 3DS is now listed!   Finally was able to get these made! Better late than never! 


Listing the following soon hopefully!

Intellivision custom size

Two different sizes for Star Wars 3.75" figures.   Carded size and Force Awakens 3.75" boxed figures.

Atari 5200 Cartridge Protectors

Sega Genesis Larger size cartridge protectors



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To create a bulk discount we have capped the maximum shipping charge for orders inside the U.S. to $11.50    Even if you buy 1000 protectors your shipping cost will be $11.50  Smaller orders are calculated by weight down to the tenth of an ounce so it is usually very close to actual cost and sometimes even less.    

International shipping is not cheap but contact us with what you need and we can certainly help find the cheapest option for you.    We don't make money on shipping and if you are charged more than what it cost us to ship it you will see a refund via Paypal.


Please contact us with any questions you may have and we will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

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