1 Mario Kart Live Switch Box Protector (SHIPPING COST INCLUDED)
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1 brand new crystal clear box protector that fits both versions of Nintendo Switch Mario Kart Live boxes!   

.50mm Acid Free PET Plastic

Removable Peel Film

These are enormous and can't always ship with other items so these are listed with the shipping price included to the US only.   We are trying to keep the $13.50 shipping maximum in place but items that are this large can't be included in that.  If any extra items can be shipped with these and they don't increase the shipping by the amount you pay we refund the difference automatically the day it ships.  

These aren't cheap and they aren't made cheaply either.   Each one with packaging weighs over 16oz so the shipping cost will range between $8.00 to $10 to the US and that's a large part of the cost.  Then the thick sheets of cardboard we ship these in between aren't cheap.  The boxes themselves in this size, thickness, low amount ordered and with peel film aren't cheap and all that leads to this price.            




1 Mario Kart Live Switch Box Protector (SHIPPING COST INCLUDED)

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