3DO Box Protectors (Read Description!)   (1 Protector)
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1 custom made box protector for 3DO games! 

We had 4 games of various heights, widths and depths and came up with a size that works for all of the ones we had.   There could be a few that don't fit that we don't know of but the vast majority will fit in these protectors. 

These were made with 14mil PET Acid Free Plastic instead of the usual 12mil.  The thicker plastic is needed for these because of how long and thin they are and you can feel the quality.   We also added peel film to these so they will come to you in pristine condition!   

They may not be as cheap as previous ones that were available but they are higher quality for sure.    

3DO Box Protectors (Read Description!) (1 Protector)

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