Funko Cereal Box Protector   (1 Protector)
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1 box protector for the various Funko Cereal boxes that are out now.  So far all of them are the same size so these should work for all of them.    

These do not fit any other cereal boxes that we know of other than Funko. We have a different protector for the Super Mario Cereal boxes.

The smaller packs aren't set up for International shipping because of the cost of shipping singles but if this is something you need contact us and we can figure out the shipping for you.    Some of the larger packs will be set up for International shipping.  

Do your research but some people suggest removing the cereal before storing.  We aren't experts on long term cereal storage so what you do with yours is up to you.  We just wanted to provide protection for the box for collectors since we had so many people ask about these.  

16mil Acid-Free PET Plastic

Removable Peel Film


Funko Cereal Box Protector (1 Protector)

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