Funko TALLER Towns Box Protector Read Description! (1 Protector)
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1 box protector for the Taller Funko Towns!  These fit the Batman Waynes Manor as pictured, Batman Hall of Justice, The 3 Peppermint Lane Christmas Towns and the Freddy Funko with Funko HQ!  There could be others and if you find any please let us know!

These DO NOT fit the Spongebob with Gary & Pineapple House, Dr. Peter Venkman with Firehouse, Jack Skellington & Jack's House, Beetlejuice with Dante's Inferno Room and the Scooby Doo & Haunted Mansion.  You need the standard size for these.       

If you are unsure please check your size against the size below because there may be some new ones that come out that do not fit.   These fit the boxes that are 10 x 8 x 5 13/16 or roughly 25.4 x 20.3 x 14.7cm.  That is not the protector size but the size of the actual Funko Pops that fit in these.   

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS PLEASE READ!  These are large and the shipping won't figure correctly Internationally so you will need to contact us with what you need and where you are located in order to purchase these.   We can figure out the correct cost and shipping charge and send you a Paypal invoice.     

14mil .35mm Acid-Free PET Plastic

Auto-Locking bottom

Removable Peel Film

Funko TALLER Towns Box Protector Read Description! (1 Protector)

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