Funko Zero In Doghouse (Not Custom..Read!)    (1 Protector)
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1 box protector that is a pretty good fit but not perfect for Zero In Doghouse.   It is the Hoth Han Solo protector but it's pretty close.  Just a little wider than needed and a hair deeper than needed but really a good fit.  The dimensions are listed below.

9 3/16 x 8 3/16 x 7 1/8 or roughly 23.3 x 20.8 x 18.1cm

This is not set up to ship Internationally.   It is pretty long and it will be expensive to ship but contact us with your location if you are interested and we can figure out what it would cost for you.    

14mil .35mm Acid Free PET Plastic

Auto-Locking Bottom

Removable Peel Film

Funko Zero In Doghouse (Not Custom..Read!) (1 Protector)

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