Lego NES Box Protector  (Shipping to US Included)  (1 Protector)
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This protector was custom made for the Lego NES set.    This is one of the largest boxes we have so it's not very cheap.    The shipping will probably average $12 and that is included in this price.   The carboard used will cost around $3 too so these things don't help the cost out much.    It's a beautiful fit and is very well made so hopefully you will think it's worth it.   

 If you buy other items this protector will not add to that shipping cost at all.  You may see a shipping refund if your other items can ship in the same package as this item depending on the amount of weight it adds. 

We don't plan on doing any other Lego sets at this time.  Too many sizes out there to do those.  

Very Thick Acid Free PET Plastic  .50mm 20mil

Custom Made

Removable Peel Film 


Lego NES Box Protector (Shipping to US Included) (1 Protector)

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