Sega Genesis Box Protectors (25 Pack)  32X + Sega Master also!
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25 custom made box protectors for Sega Genesis, Sega Master and Sega 32X games.   


These will fit the Sega Genesis Cardboard, Sega Master, Sega 32X and most (But not all) Sega Genesis games in plastic boxes.   Some of the EA sports games are a little wider and may not fit and there may be others.    The thinner cardboard games will fit but there will be a little gap.  


These will work perfectly with sealed games too!  

PLEASE READ!!!  On the plastic boxes, The hang tab will need to be folded down.  When they were sealed and delivered to the stores they came that way so it won't hurt them at all.  (Unless you do it over and over many times of course)    I really don't like making protectors that are an inch bigger than the box for the hangtab.   I personally don't like the look, they cost more, and the other games won't fit right.   Check out sealed games on Ebay and you will see they are folded over.



Sega Genesis Box Protectors (25 Pack) 32X + Sega Master also!

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