Star Wars 40th Anniversary Protector  (1 Protector)
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1 box protector for the Hasbro Star Wars 40th Empire Strikes Back figures!.   These fit A New Hope and the Empire Strikes Back.   

They also fit the Star Wars Credit Collection WAVE 1 figures except for the Heavy Infantry Mando but we have a custom size for that one also.   WAVE 2 is a different size so they won't fit in these!     

SINCE THEY ARE SUCH A PERFECT FIT THESE DO NOT FIT R5D4, BOBA FETT SDCC OR HAN IN CARBONITE or any with deeper bubbles that may be released.   Those three fit in the R5-D4 size that we have listed       The Luke X-Wing fits in these as do the Obi-Wan and Darth Maul figures.   We also have custom Luke X-Wing protectors.  The Luke XWing protectors are the exact size of these but are 20mil plastic instead of 16mil.    

16mil .40 Acid Free PET Plastic

Removable Peel Film


Star Wars 40th Anniversary Protector (1 Protector)

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