Star Wars 40th Anniversary Protectors (25 Pack)
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25 box protectors for the Hasbro Star Wars 40th Anniversary carded figures.   These were made to fit snugly so the don't move around at all in the protector.  This will keep the edges from being damaged from being loose.

SINCE THEY ARE SUCH A PERFECT FIT ON THE STANDARD SIZE THESE DO NOT FIT R5D4 OR CELEBRATION LUKE X-WING!  We have a custom size for both of these available now as well as a protector for the Legacy Pack too!       

The 25 pack costs as much to ship as the 35 pack so if you are outside the US it may be wise to get the 35 if you can possibly use that many.    

16mil .40mm Acid-Free PET Plastic

Removable Peel Film 

Star Wars 40th Anniversary Protectors (25 Pack)

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