Star Wars 40th Celebration Luke X-Wing Protector  (2 Pack)
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2 very heavy duty protectors specifically made for the Celebration Luke X-Wing.  The card on this one is just a hair wider so it doesn't fit properly in standard ones.    This one was made with even thicker plastic too!  The value of the X-Wing is so high that we wanted to make this one even sturdier.  

These will work with all the others except for the R5D4 which has a deeper bubble.  It will just be a hair looser on the width but a very nice fit if you want your standard ones in these thicker protectors.  

Since the plastic is so thick the back may bow out just a bit but we include 4 clear round stickers that will seal the flaps and solve that issue.   If you work the creases well before inserting your figure that will help too. 


20mil 50mm Acid Free PET Plastic

Removable Peel Film

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Star Wars 40th Celebration Luke X-Wing Protector (2 Pack)

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