Switch Double Pack Protector (Small Size) Read Description!  (1)
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1 box protector for the smaller (Standard) size Switch Dual Packs.  This does fit the new Pokemon release!    Fits Two Tribes, Pokemon Sword and Shield standard edition, Mercenaries Wing Pax bundle and it should fit Turok/Turok 2 pretty well from what we've heard.  If you find any others that are this size please let us know so we can update this listing.   

This fits the standard Pokemon Sword and Shield Double pack but it does NOT fit the Steelbook edition of Pokemon Sword and Shield and they look almost identical from the front so make sure what you have before buying this!    If you are unsure which you have check the picture of the sticker on the front of the box in the listing.   If your sticker has the exact same wording on it you have the standard size.  If it says Steelbook on the sticker it won't fit!  

We have the larger size now also if you need the Steelbook edition.    

14mil Acid Free PET

Removable Peel Film 

Switch Double Pack Protector (Small Size) Read Description! (1)

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