Some have told us that they aren't able to contact us through the "Contact Us" section.  If that way doesn't work sending a direct e-mail to dang@retroprotection.com will hopefully work.   We respond to all messages so if you've sent one in the past and didn't get a response we just didn't get it for some reason or the response went to your junk mail possibly.

Do you ship Internationally?   We recently shut down International shipping on the website because of slow moving and lost packages.  We were having too many problems and it got to where it's not worth it for single boxes and smaller packages.   If you need enough to where it can ship Priority Mail or via UPS we can probably still ship it if you contact us with what you need and where you are located.  Those methods seem to get delivered but first class USPS is not good right now Internationally.     

Do you have anything for the Dark Crystal Age of Resistance The Wanderer and Heretic?   That one fits in the Funko Smaller Ewoks size protectors.     

Do you have anything for the APPA 6"?  Yes! That one is a standard 6" size but they made the box sideways instead of tall so it goes in the standard 6" protectors but just a different direction.  

Do you have anything for Dapper Dans 4 packs or Guardians of the Galaxy 4 packs?  Those both fit in the Funko Gretzky 4 pack size.  This one also fits 3 standard 4" pops side by side in one protector!   

Do you have anything for Crash Bandicoot?   That one fits in the Funko Boba Fett with Slave One.

Do you have anything for Funko Madam Maxine?  That one fits in the Funko Hulkbuster protector.

Do you have anything for the SDCC Jaws Eating Quint?  That one is a new size and does NOT fit in the "New Rides."    The closest thing I've found based on the dimensions I've been given is the Star Wars Gold R2D2.  That size is 9 11/16 x 7 11/16 x 7 5/8.   

Do you have anything that fits the new Hot Topic Scar, G.O.T White Walker, Billy Madison in Bathtub or Elvira?   These fit in the Funko Joker Hush size. 

Which Protector fits the Spider-man with Spider Mobile?   This one fits in the Boba Fett with Slave One Funko Protectors.  

Which Protector fits Ezra?    This one fits in the standard 6" protectors that have the Stay Puft Marshmallow man in the pictures. 

Do you have a protector that fits 2 standard 4" Pops side by side in one box?   Yes!   The Funko Smaller 3 pack size that fits the Ewoks, Rush 3 packs, Snap Crackle and Pop etc also fit 2 Pops side by side!    The Gretzky 4 pack fits 3 standard pops side by side!    

 Which size fits the Flash Chrome and Wonder Woman Chrome 3 packs?   The Ewoks 3 pack size fits these and they also fit the Legion of Collectors Green Lantern 3 pack.     Type Ewoks in the search bar for these. 


Why don't you ship large boxes to other countries?   I do!   The problem is the website never charges the correct amount for large items so please contact me with a list of what you need and where you are located and I can come up with a price quote that includes shipping and if that sounds good I can send you a Paypal invoice for that amount.   

Shipping seems high?   I don't make anything on shipping.  If it charges more than the actual cost I refund the difference within reason.  I can't spend the time to refund .25 but if it's close to $1 or more I always refund any overpayment.   I find the best and most affordable way to ship things and have a ton of experience in packing orders so I do the best that can be done to save you money and not give any extra to USPS that we don't need to.     

Do you have console boxes?   Yes!  We started rolling some out in 2017 and are trying to add a few here and there when we can afford to do so.  Each one costs thousands of dollars to bring in so it's hard to do more than a few here and there.   We are currently at about 44 different large console boxes and many handhelds too!   

Are you also Video Game Box Protectors?  NO!!   We happen to live in the same town which is purely a coincidence but we don't have the same products and our sizes vary due to our personal preferences on a lot of things.   Please don't buy there thinking that it is the same company.   We don't work together but we probably both check out each others prices and try to make them the same or close to stay competitive.  

Am I a collector also?  Absolutely!  My main interest is CIB NES games but I have a little bit of everything these days!    Everything but a couple items in these pictures is probably within 20 feet of me right now. My collecting has slowed down in the last few years because of the amount of time it takes for this business but I still find time to pick up some more games here and there and play as often as I can.  


Thanks for your interest! 

We always love to hear from you!   Any questions or suggestions are greatly appreciated and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.  If you have questions about shipping, please include as much information as possible about the items need and where you are located so we can find the best solution for you!

SHIPPING INFO:  Anything over a 10 pack will almost always go in a Priority Mail Flat Rate Package.  Very fast and efficient to ship that way.   Each package has a tracking number and it delivers inside the U.S. in 3 business days (usually) and the rest of the world in 6-10 business days.  We have found it usually only takes 5-6 business days but they say 6-10 to be safe.

BULK DISCOUNT   $14.25 is the most you will pay for ANY order to the U.S.    This creates a bulk discount for larger orders.   If you order 1000 protectors your shipping cost will be $14.25!!!      For International orders we can't offer as great a deal because it is so expensive to ship to you.  On larger orders over 200 protectors the amount you get charged for shipping will be less than my actual cost so you are receiving a discount also although it may not look like it. 

CANADA:   It is almost $54 to ship 200 standard sized protectors to Canada so that is the best way to go if you can use that many or combine orders with friends if you can.    The Website will probably charge less than that for shipping for that many and we cover the rest.   


Up to 25 protectors will usually ship first class at actual cost.   25-50 will go in a Priority Mail package that varies in cost but around $30-$38   Between 100-200 will fit in a Priority Mail Medium box that varies in cost depending on the country but it will charge less than actual cost on that also.   It will usually cost around $80 to ship.  Australia is higher than that.  Its always best to buy 200 if you can use them.  100 costs the same to ship as 200 usually.      Over 200 and it will take a 2nd package.  Some larger protectors will not be able to fit this many.  This is a general rule for standard sized items like NES, SNES protetors etc.  Not for larger items.       

Contact us with what you need and we will do our best to find the cheapest option for shipping.  

SPECIAL ORDER BOXES:   If you have any questions about special sized boxes keep in mind that we usually have to bring in thousands of boxes at a time to keep the price reasonable.   Creating boxes for odd shaped or unusual boxes are going to be very difficult but please ask and we will see what we can do. 

Phone NumberYour phone number is required for printing postage on International packages.  If you are in the United States you can use a fake number if you would rather.  Shouldn't be an issue.       

Thanks again!

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