If you have a question about something that isn’t answered here, feel free to contact us.

Are you also Video Game Box Protectors?

NO!! We happen to live in the same town which is purely a coincidence but we don’t have the same products and our sizes vary due to our personal preferences on a lot of things. Please don’t buy there thinking that it is the same company.   We both started doing these things around the same time and before anyone else in the world.   We have been around slightly longer (He actually bought out the person that went out of business that I had tried to buy from) and if you want to know how that all happened send me a message!    Anyone else that is doing these type of things just copied what we and VGBP were doing over a decade ago.

Are you also a collector?

Absolutely! My main interest is CIB NES games but I have a little bit of everything these days! Everything but a couple items in these pictures is probably within 20 feet of me right now.   My collecting has slowed down in the last few years (Other than buying all the new items to make protectors) because of the amount of time it takes for this business but I still find time to pick up some more games here and there and play as often as I can.


Anything under 16 ounces ships First Class with USPS but they are getting rid of First Class soon for a new and undoubtedly more expensive program.     Anything over 16 ounces either ships USPS Priority Mail or via UPS depending on weight and location.  Each package has a tracking number and we try to ship as fast as possible.  In a lot of cases we are caught up enough to ship orders from that morning in the afternoon.   That can vary earlier in the week when we are still catching up from the weekend orders that have come in.


$14.25 is currently the most you will pay for ANY order to the U.S on all the standard sized items.  (This can change as USPS changes their pricing yearly)     We have some items that include some shipping in the item because they are large and create shipping issues so we can’t just have the $14.25 shipping cost or I’ll have to raise all the item prices a lot and we don’t want to do that.   This creates a bulk discount for larger orders. If you order 1000 standard protectors your shipping cost will only be $14.25!

When you do pay shipping and then shipping that is included on some items…we always add that up and if the shipping cost is lower than the total you paid in shipping you will get a refund back at the end of the day that the order ships.    We do that automatically to make it right.


We do still ship Internationally.   Shipping Internationally has various options and the website doesn’t always figure it correctly.  The best thing to do is send us a list of what you need and the address it would be shipping to.    As soon as we can we will put those items together and let you know the shipping options on those.

If you are in an EU country we aren’t set up to ship to your country because of the VAT tax rules.   We haven’t gone through the steps that it takes to do that and not sure that we will to be honest.    If you can set up a 3rd party shipper in the US that will forward them to you we can ship to those and that has worked great for a lot of our International customers.


If you have any questions about special sized boxes keep in mind that we usually have to bring in thousands of boxes at a time to keep the price reasonable. Creating boxes for odd shaped or unusual boxes are going to be very difficult but please ask and we will see what we can do.

Why do you need a Phone Number?   Your phone number is required for printing postage on International packages. If you are in the United States you can use a fake number if you would rather, it shouldn’t be an issue.  You won’t be contacted by phone.   Maybe twice ever we have texted someone that didn’t respond to an email in a few days and we had a question on the order but we don’t like to do that and don’t plan to do that.