Funko Pop! 10 Inch “Size A” Box Protectors CHECK YOUR SIZE! (Shipping Included in Price)


Box protector for many (not all) 10″ Funko Pops!   This was the original 10″ size.  They are making a new size now and a total of 4 different 10″ sizes so make sure to check your box size!   

These do NOT fit Dobby, Green Goblin or any of the ones that are almost as wide as they are tall. 

They do fit the following and many others: 

Aggretsuko, Bullseye, Demogorgon, Dino Ultrazord, Ghostbusters Stay Puft, Giant Man, Hedwig, Hulk, Jack Jack, Loot Llama, Mickey Mouse, Niffler, Pennywise, Pikachu, Porg, Scrooge, Spongebob, T-Rex, Thanos  (Both), Ursula Glow, Wicket W Warrick, etc. 

These are enormous so these are listed with the shipping price included to the US only.  If you buy other items we add up the total shipping paid and subtract the label cost and if you paid more than the cost we do a refund the day the order ships.    

These aren’t cheap and they aren’t made cheaply either.   Each one with packaging weighs over 16oz so the shipping cost will range between $8.00 to $11 to the US and that’s a large part of the cost.  Then the thick sheets of cardboard we ship these in between aren’t cheap.  The boxes themselves in this size, thickness, low amount ordered and with peel film aren’t cheap and all that leads to this price. 

  • Auto-Locking Bottom
  • Crystal clear
  • Made from .50mm PET which is an archive grade acid-free plastic 
  • 100% safe for long term storage 
  • Keeps out the dust
  • Acid, lead, and phthalate free
  • Removable Peel Film

Additional information

Dimensions 9.00 × 8.3125 × 12.9375 in

1 Protector, 2 Pack, 3 Pack, 4 Pack, 5 Pack, 6 Pack